A Comprehensive Guide About Dooflix App?

Puh-leeze! It’s a dooverlacky.

A dooverlacky is a whatzis, a hoojah, a thingamajig.

A dooverlacky, on the other hand, is never a whoozit. (Whoozits are people.)

Back in the days when Sir Robert Menzies (aka Ming, aka Pig-Iron Bob) was Prime Minister of Australia (1950s/60s) there was an unforgettable clue in the Sydney Morning Herald’s cryptic crossword. (I know it was unforgettable because I’ve never forgotten it.)

It read, “Emaciated Menzies with no teeth whatzit.”

Cryptic crosswords very frequently ask the same thing twice in the same clue, leaving the solver to work out what they want. In this case the two halves were “Emaciated Menzies with no teeth,” and “whatzit”, so we were looking for an answer that fitted both.

An emaciated person is thin, if they have no teeth they’re gummy, if that person is Menzies, then he’s Bob—so the “whatzit” was a “thingummybob”.

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