Does Having A Tub Increase Home Value? Surprising Facts Unveiled

Envision yourself stepping into a hot, relaxing bath scented with lavender bubbles after a long day at the office. Having a bathtub in your bathroom not only makes it easier to unwind, but it can also increase the value of your home.

Many homeowners wonder, “Does having a tub increase home value?” that question is explored in this article.

Does Having a Tub Increase Home Value?

Yes! The installation of a bathtub in a home can increase its value. In the United States, the average return on investment for installing a bathtub is around 60%.

A bathtub is a great investment because it has a wide range of potential buyers and is especially useful for families with young children. A bathtub is a desirable feature in many homes, and installing one can increase your home’s selling price.

Universal Appeal

Bathtubs are more than just a place for a quick rinse—they serve as an oasis of relaxation, a play area for children, and a therapeutic space for those with mobility issues. Therefore, homes with bathtubs tend to have a broader appeal, attracting a wide range of potential buyers.

Home Spa Experience

A well-designed bathroom with a high-quality tub can mimic the experience of a spa, adding a touch of luxury to everyday living. This appeal, coupled with the growing trend towards self-care and wellness, can certainly boost a home’s value.

Retro Charm

Vintage clawfoot tubs can add an attractive retro charm to any bathroom. This uniqueness can differentiate a home in a crowded market, potentially increasing its value.

Modern Elegance

On the other end of the spectrum, modern soaking tubs, often freestanding and made from materials like stone or copper, can add a contemporary elegance that increases a home’s perceived value.

Bathtubs and Real Estate: The Numbers

While it’s hard to pinpoint an exact dollar amount a bathtub adds to a home’s value, real estate professionals agree that homes with at least one tub are generally more desirable.

Number of BathtubsHomes with at least one tub are more appealing to a broader range of buyers.
Quality of BathtubHigh-quality tubs, whether modern or vintage, can add perceived value.
Bathroom RenovationsA bathroom remodel, including a new tub, can provide a significant return on investment.

Tub Vs Shower Home Value: Which Enhances Home Value More?

The Allure of a Traditional Tub

First, let’s talk about bathtubs. Their allure has been ubiquitous in American dwellings for centuries. When placed strategically, a beautiful bathtub can become the focal point of a bathroom and, in many cases, the design inspiration for the entire house. A bathtub is more than just a useful appliance; it’s a place of refuge where homeowners can unwind and rejuvenate.

  • Key point: A freestanding or spa-style bathtub, in particular, can make a dramatic design statement and convey an air of lavishness.

Showers, the Sleek and Efficient Solution

In contrast, showers are designed with efficiency and convenience in mind. Many people in today’s fast-paced society value a revitalizing morning shower over coffee. A shower is the more eco-friendly option because it uses less water than a bath. Additionally, showers can help conserve valuable floor space in compact bathrooms.

  • Key point: Showers are a great option for eco-conscious, time-pressed consumers because they are both time and water efficient without sacrificing style.

Issues of Accessibility

Showers typically come out on top when comparing ease of access. The elderly and people with mobility issues can more easily use them. Buyers who are thinking ahead may be interested in a walk-in shower equipped with grab bars.

  • Key point: An increasing number of homes are being built with accessible features. Value could be increased if a shower were designed to meet this demand.

Buyer Preferences

The preference of potential homebuyers is the deciding factor in the “bathtub vs. shower” debate. Having a bathroom with a bathtub has long been considered a necessity for most households, especially those with young children. However, tastes can vary widely across different groups and regions.

  • Key point: The demand in your area should play a large role in determining whether you install a shower or a bathtub.

The Two Together Make a Perfect Pair

Don’t know what to do? Combining a shower and bathtub is a common answer. It provides the ease of a shower as well as the luxury of a bath for those times when you just want to unwind. Combo units are particularly useful in homes with only one full bathroom.

  • Key point: The combination of a shower and bath can entice a wider range of buyers.


Does a bathtub increase home value more than a shower?

Although some buyers may prefer a shower, having at least one bathtub is usually considered a must for households with children or those who enjoy taking long soaks.

Is it a good idea to replace my bathtub before selling?

If the bathtub is in bad shape, replacing it can enhance the look of the bathroom and, in turn, the value of the home.

Do luxury bathtubs increase home value more?

Depending on the tastes of the buyer, a luxury bathtub can increase the perceived value of a property.

What type of bathtub adds the most value?

The most valuable bathtub is one that complements the home’s design and appeals to the tastes of potential buyers. The same goes for any high-quality tub from any era, from antique to contemporary.

Does the number of bathtubs in a home impact its value?

A bathtub is a necessity in many households, but having more than one may not increase a home’s value much unless it is a very large house with several bathrooms.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bathtubs have a universal appeal that can attract a broader range of potential buyers, potentially increasing a home’s value.
  2. The trend towards self-care and wellness has boosted the appeal of high-quality tubs, turning bathrooms into home spas.
  3. Vintage and modern bathtubs can add charm or contemporary elegance to a home, increasing its perceived value.

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