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BathtubQuery.com is your comprehensive guide to the fascinating world of bathtubs and bathroom design. Since its inception, our website has aimed to offer expert knowledge, practical advice, and fresh ideas on everything related to bathtubs. From choosing the right bathtub for your space to the latest trends in bathroom décor, our dedicated team is committed to providing information that’s not only useful, but also accurate and up-to-date.

How Did BathtubQuery.com Start?

BathtubQuery.com was founded by Amanda, a passionate interior designer and bathtub aficionado. After years in the field, Amanda noticed that the specific information about bathtubs, their designs, and maintenance was not readily available or was scattered across the web. Seeing this gap, she created BathtubQuery.com as a centralized resource to help individuals make informed decisions about their bathroom design and installation.

BathtubQuery.com Mission

Our mission at BathtubQuery.com is to empower our readers with comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and reliable information about bathtubs and related accessories. We strive to help homeowners, designers, and bathroom enthusiasts alike to navigate the bathtub market with confidence, whether they are remodelling a bathroom, searching for maintenance tips, or simply seeking design inspiration.

How Do We Plan, Write, and Publish?

Our process begins with comprehensive research. Our writers and editors scan the market for the latest trends, new products, and changing consumer needs. Then, through a collaborative effort, our team formulates informative articles that meet our high-quality standards.

Every piece of content goes through multiple rounds of editing and fact-checking before it’s published. We often reach out to industry experts to validate the technical aspects of our content. This meticulous process ensures that our readers get the most accurate, up-to-date, and reliable information.

Why Trust BathtubQuery.com For Reliable Advice?

At BathtubQuery.com, we pride ourselves on adhering to Google’s E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) guidelines. This means all our content is created by knowledgeable writers, vetted by industry experts, and fact-checked for accuracy. Our commitment to these guidelines ensures that our advice and information are not only reliable but also align with the best practices in the industry.

Help Us Bring An Impact!

We believe in the power of shared knowledge and the importance of community. Your feedback, suggestions, and comments play a crucial role in shaping our content. We encourage you to share your bathtub queries, experiences, or innovative ideas with us. Together, we can create a platform that truly serves the needs of every bathroom enthusiast.

Author On Bathtub Query



Amanda has been designing and installing bathtubs for over 15 years. She first got interested in the bathtub industry while working as an interior designer right after college. During her years as a designer, Amanda was frustrated by the lack of high-quality, unique bathtub options for her clients. This passion led her to start her own bathtub website in 2009.

Since starting her business, Amanda has become one of the leading experts in customized bathtub design and installation. She stays on top of the latest trends and innovations in the industry and prides herself on providing her customers with the most stylish, functional tubs to fit their needs. Amanda has a keen eye for detail and always makes sure her installations meet exact specifications.

Amanda only uses the highest quality materials from reliable, reputable suppliers for all her bathtubs. She stands behind the craftsmanship and will promptly address any issues that may arise after installation. Amanda takes pride in having extremely satisfied customers who rave about the transformative impact their new dream bathtubs have had on their bathrooms.

With her wealth of experience and dedication to excellent service, Amanda has established herself as a trusted resource in the bathtub industry. She loves being able to turn customers’ visions into reality and create beautiful, relaxing spaces for them to enjoy.

William J. Bullock


William J. Bullock is a licensed plumber with over 15 years of experience installing and repairing bathtubs. He runs his own plumbing company in Greenville and serves residential and commercial clients. William is dedicated to providing honest, transparent advice to help homeowners make informed decisions about their bathroom renovations.

He has established expertise in selecting bathtubs, planning custom installations, diagnosing issues, and completing repairs. William aims to share practical tips and reliable recommendations based on extensive hands-on work. When he isn’t on a job site, William enjoys spending time with his family and volunteering at local community events. He takes pride in delivering quality service and enjoys helping people upgrade their homes.

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