Selecting the perfect bathtub was more of a journey than I initially thought it would be! There are so many materials to consider, and each one comes with its own unique set of perks.

I first looked into acrylic tubs, which are a real crowd-pleaser. They’re lightweight, durable, and really easy to clean. Plus, they’re good at retaining heat, which is essential for keeping those tiny toes warm. I remember when we had one of these for our first child; bath time always felt like a spa day for her.

Then there’s the cast-iron option. Let me tell you, these tubs are built like tanks and could easily become a family heirloom. The way they keep the water warm is just perfect for long, soothing baths. But, oh boy, are they heavy! We had to rule it out because of the difficulty in installing it in our upstairs bathroom.

I also took a look at copper tubs, which are just a feast for the eyes. I read that copper is naturally antimicrobial, which sounded like a big plus. But after checking the price tag and considering the cleaning it would require, it was just not practical for us.

Now, wooden bathtubs caught my eye for their rustic, nature-inspired charm. I love the look of cedar and teak; they just bring a warm, spa-like feel into the home. But the upkeep required for wood—like sealing to prevent water damage—was a bit too much with everything else we have going on.

No matter what material you go for, I’ve learned that a non-slip, toddler-safe design is a must. We ended up going with an acrylic tub with non-slip features, and so far, bath time has been nothing short of delightful for our little one.

If you’re in the same boat, I’ve come across some excellent guides that can help you make your decision. But no matter what, always prioritize safety and comfort for your tiny tot during bath time.