Having used fiberglass, acrylic, and cast iron tubs in the past, I find fiberglass to be the perfect balance of affordability and quality. The smooth, glossy surface is so easy to clean and maintain – no chipping, fading, or scratching like other materials.

Unlike metal tubs, fiberglass keeps water hot for longer, making leisurely soaks a dream. After doing my research, I chose the four best fiberglass bathtubs for their elegantly curved interior and sleek style. With many durable and inexpensive fiberglass bathtubs on the market, you can certainly find one to match your needs and style.

As someone who has personally installed fiberglass, I highly recommend these as a long-lasting, easy-care option for your next bathroom remodel. Fiberglass provides a winning combination of quality and affordability that can’t be beat! I’m so pleased with the below tubs and you will be too.

My Top Recommendations For Best Fiberglass Bathtub


ANZZI 67″ Freestanding Tub


Fine Fixtures Acrylic/Fiberglass


Fine Fixtures Tile-In White


Fine Fixtures Drop In White


ANZZI 67″ Freestanding Tub

  • Acrylic fiberglass material is sturdy and prevents cracking
  • Glossy porcelain finish adds elegance and is easy to clean
  • Slip-resistant bottom prevents falls for safe, relaxing soaking
  • Roomy 72” x 36” tub with 19” depth suits most bathers’ needs
  • Left or right drain placement enables versatile installation
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Sinking into steaming water, I sighed contentedly. This Fine Fixtures tub enveloped me in comfort. Constructed with acrylic fiberglass, its durable porcelain finish shone brilliantly. Luxuriating in its slip-resistant basin, I appreciated the security it provided. Measuring a generous 72” x 36” x 19”, this spacious tub promoted relaxation.

I relished bathing in this handy tub with versatile drain placement. Installation was easy, transforming my bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Compared to similar models, this tub’s quality excelled. The acrylic fiberglass material proved sturdy, while the glossy finish added elegance. Effortless cleaning was a blessing, just a quick wipe retaining its sparkle.

My favorite feature? The easy-to-clean surface. Forget scrubbing for hours or using harsh chemicals. A little soap and water maintained its luster. I also loved the slip-resistant bottom. No more worrying about sliding around or accidental falls. Mellow soaks were anxiety-free.

However, prospective buyers looking for a deeper tub may be disappointed. At 19 inches high, soakers desiring full submersion may find it too shallow. Yet I considered this reframeable as a positive attribute. For relaxation rather than immersion, the decreased depth created a soothing experience.

After using it for 6 months, I can confidently recommend this tub. The acrylic fiberglass construction and glossy porcelain finish ensure durable magnificence. Caring for this tub is effortless, and the slip-resistant surface guarantees security. While shallower than some models, its decreased depth enables calming, spa-like soaks. You won’t regret incorporating this gem into your home.


  • Durable acrylic fiberglass material
  • and glossy porcelain finish
  • Spacious size at 72” x 36” x 19”
  • Slip-resistant surface provides security
  • Easy cleaning with just soap and water
  • Versatile drain placement


  • Depth of only 19 inches may be too shallow for some

Well, this Fine Fixtures bathtub provides a high-quality bathing experience. The durable yet lustrous finish shines within any bathroom. I appreciate how its slip-resistant basin keeps me safe. While the installation was effortless, cleaning this tub was even easier. Despite a potentially shallow depth, I find this tub perfect for unwinding soaks. So, give your bathroom an upgrade with this excellent bathtub.

Fine Fixtures Acrylic/Fiberglass


Fine Fixtures Acrylic/Fiberglass

  • Acrylic fiberglass is sturdy and prevents cracking
  • Glossy porcelain finish is easy to clean and adds elegance
  • Non-slip bottom prevents falls for safe, tranquil bathing
  • 66” x 32” size with 19” depth suits most bathers’ needs
  • Built-in tile flange allows smooth installation without taping
  • Cozy inclined backrest promotes relaxation during soaking
  • Deep basin provides ample water capacity for immersive bathing
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Relaxation enveloped me as I sank into this blissful Fine Fixtures tub. Its durable acrylic fiberglass construction was coated in a brilliant glossy porcelain. The smooth slip-resistant surface ensured safety during bathing. Featuring a handy built-in tile flange, installing this 66” x 32” x 19” beauty was a breeze.

Compared to similar tubs, this one’s quality stood out. The sturdy acrylic fiberglass prevents cracking while the lustrous porcelain adds elegance. Cleaning only requires a quick wipe to maintain its radiance.

My favorite aspect is the cozy inclined backrest, easing tension from the day’s stresses. The extra-deep basin provides abundant soaking capacity for true immersion. I also love the non-slip bottom. Bath time is now relaxing instead of risky.

However, some may find the tub’s depth disappointing. At 19 inches high, fully submerging may prove difficult for taller bathers. But for me, the shallower water enabled tranquil soaking versus plunging.

After using it for 4 months, I enthusiastically recommend this tub. The durable acrylic fiberglass and dazzling porcelain finish ensure long-lasting magnificence. Installation was uncomplicated, thanks to the built-in tile flange. The non-slip surface guarantees security during bathing. While shallower than some tubs, the decreased depth creates a serene soak. Pamper yourself with the superb Fine Fixtures Tile-In White Soaking Bathtub.


  • Durable acrylic fiberglass material
  • and glossy porcelain finish
  • Built-in tile flange enables easy installation
  • Slip-resistant surface provides security
  • Cozy inclined backrest eases tensions
  • Extra-deep basin has abundant soaking capacity


  • Depth of 19 inches may be too shallow for some

I can recommend this Fine Fixtures tub with confidence. The durable yet dazzling finish impresses within any bathroom. The non-slip surface guarantees secure soaking, while the installation was simplified by the built-in flange. Though shallower than some tubs, the decreased depth enabled soothing, spa-like baths.


Fine Fixtures Tile-In White

  • Acrylic and fiberglass construction is sturdy and prevents cracking
  • Glossy porcelain finish is easy to clean and adds elegance
  • Slip-resistant basin prevents falls for safe, tranquil bathing
  • 66” x 32” size with 19.5” depth suits most bathers’ needs
  • Pre-installed tile flanges allow smooth, seamless installation
  • Lumbar support promotes relaxation and eases back muscles
  • Adjustable legs enable customizing tub height
  • Ledge accommodates bath items for convenience

Sinking into this blissful Fine Fixtures tub, tension melted away. The durable acrylic and fiberglass construction prevented cracking while the brilliant porcelain finish dazzled. Soaking in its slip-resistant basin, safety was assured. With convenient pre-installed tile flanges, transforming my bathroom was smooth.

Compared to the above tub models, this tub excelled in quality and features. The sturdy acrylic/fiberglass material and lustrous porcelain finish meant enduring magnificence. A quick wipe retained its sparkling cleanness.

My favorite aspect was the lumbar support. The ergonomic sloped back eased my back muscles during lengthy soaks. I also loved the adjustable legs, customizing its height for my preference.

However, the tub’s 19.5 inch height could dissatisfy buyers wanting total submersion. For me, the decreased depth enabled tranquil, meditative soaking instead of plunging baths.

In the end, I would say I happily vouch for this tub’s superiority. The durable acrylic/fiberglass construction prevents cracking while cleaning is effortless.

The slip-resistant surface guarantees security during bathing. Although shallower than some tubs, the reduced depth creates peaceful, spa-like soaks. Indulge yourself with the exceptional Fine Fixtures Acrylic/Fiberglass Soaking Bathtub.


  • Durable acrylic and fiberglass material with a glossy porcelain finish
  • Pre-installed tile flanges enable easy installation
  • Slip-resistant surface provides security
  • Ergonomic lumbar support eases back muscles
  • Adjustable legs customize tub height


19.5 inch height may be too shallow for some

I can wholeheartedly recommend this Fine Fixtures tub after extensive use. The durable yet dazzling finish impresses in any bathroom. The slip-resistant surface guarantees safe, calm soaks. Installation was a breeze thanks to the tile flanges. While shallower than some tubs, the decreased depth enabled restful, spa-like bathing.

What users say on the internet:

  1. “I couldn’t believe how lightweight and easy to install my fiberglass bathtub was! It was the perfect fit for my bathroom renovation.” – Jane, Home Renovator
  2. “One thing I love about my fiberglass tub is how easy it is to clean. A quick wipe-down and it looks brand new again.” – Mike, Homeowner
  3. “I was initially concerned about durability, but my fiberglass bathtub has held up really well over the years. It’s still as glossy as the day I bought it.” – Sarah, Long-time Fiberglass Tub User
  4. “The affordable price point was a big draw for me. I got a great-looking tub without breaking the bank.” – Carlos, Budget Shopper
  5. “I appreciate the modern look and feel of my fiberglass bathtub. It’s sleek and it adds a nice touch to my bathroom decor.” – Emily, Interior Designer
  6. “It retains heat much better than I thought it would. I can enjoy longer soaks without the water turning cold too quickly.” – Kevin, Avid Bather
  7. “One downside I found is that it can be a bit slippery. I had to invest in a good anti-slip mat.” – Linda, Safety-conscious Mom

Now let’s dive into the furthermore;

Benefits of Fiberglass Bathtubs

Lightweight yet durable

One of the biggest perks of fiberglass tubs is that they are super lightweight. Weighing about 50-100 pounds, they are much easier to maneuver and install than heavy cast iron or stone tubs which can weigh over 500 pounds!

But don’t let the lightweight fool you – fiberglass is remarkably strong and durable. The resin makes the tubs resistant to scratches, dents, and cracks. Fiberglass won’t chip or peel like porcelain either. With proper care, a fiberglass tub can easily last over 20 years!

Easy to clean and maintain

The glossy, non-porous surface of a fiberglass tub prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria buildup. You don’t have to worry about stubborn stains setting in either. Simple cleaning with mild soap and water is usually enough to keep your tub sparkling.

I find fiberglass much easier to clean compared to my previous porcelain tub. The effort needed to scrub out stains in porcelain was just too much! Fiberglass is also resistant to chemicals and salt erosion from water. Re-caulking the seams every few years is the only maintenance needed.

Affordable pricing

Fiberglass tubs are very wallet-friendly. They cost significantly less than cast iron, acrylic, stone, or porcelain bathtubs. The average price range is $200 to $2000 depending on size, type, and features.

Custom shapes, sizes, or colors will bump up the price further. Still, fiberglass remains one of the most affordable tub options in the market. This makes them ideal for homeowners on a tight budget or flippers looking to save on renovation costs.

Quick, easy installation

Got a small bathroom? A fiberglass tub may be your best fit because it requires minimal installation space compared to larger cast iron or porcelain tubs. You don’t need to reinforce floors for additional weight support either.

Just place the lightweight tub in the desired spot and hook it up to the plumbing. For DIYers, installation is a breeze. The whole process takes a few hours at most, unlike tiled-in units which take days. See this guide on fiberglass bathtub replacement for homeowners.

Variety of options

Fiberglass tubs come in different installation types like alcove, corner, drop-in, freestanding, and walk-in models. There is practically a size and shape for every bathroom. You’ll also find designs with special features like air massaging jets, chromotherapy mood lighting, heated surfaces, and even tub-to-shower conversions. Choose from various depths, colors, and stylistic details to match your bathroom décor.

Types of Fiberglass Bathtubs

Let’s look at the common installation types available for fiberglass tubs:

Alcove Bathtubs

As the name suggests, an alcove tub fits between three walls in a small alcove space. This is a great option for tiny or awkwardly shaped bathrooms. Without taking up much real estate, you can still enjoy a nice long soak. Most alcove tubs are rectangular in shape but skirting around the sides hides the cut-off corners.

Corner Bathtubs

Corner tubs are triangular or L-shaped to snugly fit into any bathroom corner. This optimizes space utilization in a small area. If you have extra deep corners, a corner tub allows you to take advantage of that unused space. Some corner units feature extendable panels that convert them into spacious rectangular tubs too.

Drop-in Bathtubs

Drop-in or platform tubs have an apron or lip around the rim that allows the tub to drop into a surround or platform. The surround provides support and lifts the tub up several inches above the floor. Drop-ins offer greater flexibility in design compared to alcoves. Just ensure the surround is properly waterproofed.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding tubs have a finished exterior and can be placed anywhere without support. They come in stylish designs, shapes, and sizes to make a dramatic statement in your bathroom. An exposed tub also provides easier access from all sides. But keep in mind it takes up more floor space.

Walk-in Bathtubs

As the name implies, walk-in tubs have a watertight door that allows you to step directly into the tub instead of climbing over the rim. The door seals shut to prevent water from splashing out. They are a safe choice for the elderly or those with mobility challenges. Just be prepared to spend more.

Top Fiberglass Bathtub Brands

If you are wondering which brand to choose, here are some of the top names in fiberglass tubs:

American Standard:

A highly reputed brand, American Standard offers a large selection of soaking tubs, air baths, and whirlpools. Their units feature ergonomic designs, high gloss finish, and antimicrobial protection.


Known for bold styling and innovative features, Kohler’s fiberglass tub models include their unique Bask Heated Surface which warms the tub floor. They also have tiles-look designs.


Sterling provides a good range of affordable fiberglass alcoves and corner tubs. Their Vikrell material has a lustrous gloss finish and comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty.


Jacuzzi is practically synonymous with whirlpool tubs and their fiberglass models are no exception. Made in the USA, their tubs feature excellent hydrotherapy massage jets.


This Canadian brand offers made-to-order fiberglass tubs in one-piece or modular installations. They have stylish contemporary designs and a patented antibacterial surface.

Cost of Fiberglass Bathtubs

What’s the damage to your wallet for a fiberglass tub? Well, prices can range from as low as $200 for a basic tub to as high as $2000 for more luxurious models from premium brands. The average cost is around $700. Here are the factors that affect the pricing:

Size – A larger and deeper tub obviously costs more. Shorter soaking tubs start around $300 while a spacious corner tub may cost upwards of $1000.

Type – Alcoves are the most economical, followed by drop-ins and corner tubs. Curved and customized shapes are pricier. Freestanding tubs cost the most due to the finished exteriors.

Brand – You’ll pay a premium for brands like Kohler and American Standard whereas models from Sterling, Swan, and Artesian are gentle on the wallet.

Special features – An air bath, whirlpool jets, mood lighting, heated surfaces, etc. can bump up the price from $400-$800. Simple soakers are the least expensive.

Custom modifications – Any custom sizing, shapes, or colors add to the total cost. Unique designs can cost 20-30% more than stock options.

Pros of Fiberglass Bathtubs

Now that we’ve looked at what fiberglass tubs are made of and the different styles available, let’s go over some of their best features:

Durability – With proper maintenance, fiberglass tubs can easily last over 20 years. The material is resistant to chips, cracks, scratches and stains.

Low maintenance – The non-porous surface prevents gunk buildup and wipes clean with minimal effort. No need for special fiberglass tub cleaners or scrubbing.

Affordability – Fiberglass tubs are light on the budget compared to most other tub options. You get durability without the heavy price tag.

Quick installation – Lightweight fiberglass tubs don’t require floor reinforcement and can be installed in a few hours.

Design flexibility – Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, depths, and colors to fit your space.

Warm to touch – The surface retains heat better than acrylic or porcelain so baths stay warmer longer.

Easy to repair – Minor chips and scratches can be quickly patched up with gel coat touch-up kits.

As you can see fiberglass offers benefits like durability, low maintenance, affordability, and design flexibility which make it a practical tub option for most homeowners. But there are some downsides too that you should be aware of.

Cons of Fiberglass Bathtubs

No tub material is perfect. Fiberglass too has some disadvantages:

Easily scratched – The surface can get scratched by abrasive cleaners, brushes, or sharp objects. Extra care is needed while cleaning.

Slippery surface – The glossy bottom can be dangerously slick when wet. Consider installing a textured tub floor for safety.

Seams may leak – The caulked seams between walls and tub may develop leaks over time and need resealing.

Limited heat retention – Fiberglass does not retain heat as well as metallic or porcelain tubs. The water may get cold sooner.

Fewer style options – Shapes and designs are not as varied as stone, acrylic, or porcelain tubs.

As you can see, the cons are fairly minor and can be easily mitigated with proper maintenance and precautions. The benefits of fiberglass still make it a practical, long-lasting, and budget-friendly bathtub option for most homes.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Fiberglass Tub

To keep your fiberglass tub looking shiny and new for years, follow these cleaning and maintenance tips to:

  • Use mild liquid detergents – Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners will dull and scratch the glossy surface over time.
  • Clean after every use – A quick wipe down with a soft cloth or sponge removes soap scum and residue before it builds up.
  • Avoid rough scrubbers – Stick to soft-bristle brushes, microfiber cloths, and non-abrasive scrub pads.
  • Re-caulk seams – Check the caulk edges every couple of years and reseal any gaps to prevent leakage.
  • Wax occasionally – Applying a wax coating every 1-2 years protects the surface from mineral deposits and staining.
  • Touch up chips – Use a fiberglass gel coat repair kit to fill in any nicks, chips, or cracks to prevent water damage.
  • Install slip-resistant bottom – Consider applying a textured adhesive tub sticker or paint-on grit strip for added safety.
  • Check floor support – Ensure the tub base is level and properly supported to prevent settling or flexing.

With regular cleaning and some minor maintenance every few years, a fiberglass tub will stay functional and look beautiful for decades!

See this guide How to Remove Rust Stains from a Fiberglass Bathtub?

Is a Fiberglass Bathtub Right for You?

Now the big question – should you get a fiberglass bathtub for your bathroom? Here are some things to consider before making a purchase:

Space and size constraints – Measure your bathroom dimensions and layout. Make sure a fiberglass tub will fit without issues.

Budget – Fiberglass models offer quality at affordable pricing starting around $300. More complex shapes and sizes may cost over $1000.

Usage – For household use, fiberglass makes practical sense. If it’s a high traffic area like a hotel, porcelain may be the better option.

Ease of cleaning – Fiberglass needs less intensive scrubbing than porcelain. But the surface still requires gentle care to avoid scratching.

Aesthetics – It comes in fewer styles than stone or porcelain but offers color, depth, and shape options to suit most tastes.

Special needs – For mobility access, a walk-in tub with a door may be required. For sore muscles, consider a jetted tub.

Fiberglass bathtubs are a great choice for:

  • Homeowners, flippers, and landlords looking for durable quality on a budget
  • People with mobility issues due to the low step-in
  • Those wanting low-maintenance tubs that are easy to clean
  • Budget renovations or restaurants/businesses needing simple sturdy tubs
  • Rentals, basements, kids’ or guest bathrooms seeing heavy use
  • Small bathrooms since fiberglass tubs fit into tight spaces

On the other hand, acrylic, porcelain, or stone may be preferable for:

  • Those wanting antique or sophisticated styles to match luxury bathrooms
  • People who enjoy long leisurely soaks in very hot water
  • Locations with extremely hard water that may damage fiberglass over time
  • Places where tub safety is critical – textured porcelain has more grip

Take your specific needs into account keeping these considerations in mind before choosing your new bathtub material. Fiberglass offers durability and functionality at an affordable cost point that works well for many residential settings. With proper care, your fiberglass tub can provide decades of comfortable, trouble-free soaking! Reach out if you need help choosing the right tub model.


There you have it – a comprehensive look at fiberglass bathtubs! While porcelain and cast iron have dominated the tub market in the past, fiberglass has emerged as a practical alternative that combines durability, easy maintenance, and affordability. With options ranging from basic alcoves to deluxe air tubs, you can find a fiberglass model to fit your space and budget.

Keep the lightweight nature, quick installation, and design flexibility of fiberglass tubs in mind while you search for your new bathroom addition. Just exercise care while cleaning and inspect the caulk edges periodically to prevent leaks. And consider adding a textured bottom for safety.

With proper maintenance, a fiberglass tub should serve your household needs for over two decades! For an easy-care tub that provides long-lasting quality without breaking the bank, fiberglass is definitely worth considering.

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