How Long is a Standard Bathtub?

When shopping for a new bathtub, understanding the standard sizes and dimensions helps ensure you choose the right fit. The most common length for a standard tub is 60 inches long by 30 inches wide. But tub sizes can range from petite 48-inch tubs to extra large 72-inch options.

Knowing what to look for when selecting your tub’s length and width makes installing your dream tub seamless.

Standard Bathtub Lengths and Sizes

The standard bathtub size is:

  • 60 inches long
  • 30 inches wide

In other words, 5 feet long by 2.5 feet wide. This is considered a standard tub size that fits most average-sized bathrooms and users. The 60-inch length gives most adults enough room to stretch out and relax in a standard tub.

Some other common standard tub lengths include:

  • 48-inch tubs – 4 feet long, best for small spaces
  • 54-inch tubs – 4.5 feet long, good for kids and petite adults
  • 66-inch tubs – 5.5 feet long, provides extra leg room
  • 72-inch tubs – 6 feet long, ideal for tall people or soaking

Standard bathtub widths are usually 30 inches or 32 inches wide. However, some more luxurious tubs designed for two people measure 42 inches wide.

Tub depths range between 14 to 19 inches deep on average. Deeper tubs are preferable for soaking, while shallower tubs may be safer and more accessible.

Factors That Determine Bathtub Size

Several factors influence what size bathtub makes sense for your bathroom and needs:

  • Available space – measure carefully to find sizes that fit.
  • User height and body frame – consider a longer or wider tub for tall or larger people.
  • Single person or couple use – choose larger sizes for two-person tubs.
  • Type of bathtub – soaking tubs require more room than basic tubs.
  • ADA compliant sizes – for mobility and accessibility needs.

Take these factors into account when selecting your ideal tub length and width.

Benefits of the 60-Inch Standard Size

There are several reasons the 60-inch tub is considered the standard size:

  • Fits into most bathroom layouts, especially in older homes.
  • Provides enough room for an average-sized adult to fully stretch out and relax.
  • A wide variety of styles and models are available in this size.
  • Easier to install and replace than larger custom sizes.
  • Uses standard tub fittings, plumbing, and drains.

The versatility and simplicity of installing a 60-inch tub make it the go-to choice for many homeowners’ needs. It provides a comfortable bathing experience without monopolizing too much bathroom space.

When to Size Up or Down from the Standard?

While 60 inches is the norm, here are some situations when sizing up or down makes sense:

Go bigger for:

  • Soaking tubs allow you to truly immerse yourself and relax in the bath.
  • Two-person tubs for couples. Choose something at least 60 inches wide.
  • Taller or larger bodies need extra room to stretch out.
  • Accessibility issues require easy entry/exit.

Go smaller for:

  • Very small or half bathrooms with limited space.
  • Tight corners or unusual bathroom layouts.
  • Fitting around existing plumbing locations.
  • Kids’ bathrooms don’t require adult sizes.

Table: Bathtub Size by Type

Type of TubAverage Size Range
Standard tub60″-66″ long x 30″-32″ wide
Soaking tub65″-72″ long x 32″-42″ wide
Corner tub48″-60″ long x 30″-32″ wide
Walk-in tub60″ long x 30″ wide
Freestanding tub60″-70″ long x 30″-40″ wide

Other Common Standard Tub Lengths

While 60-inches tubs are most prevalent, here are some other standard tub lengths:

  • 48-inch tubs – Best for smaller bathrooms, powder rooms, or kid bathrooms.
  • 54-inch tubs – Accommodates petite adults or children a bit longer than 48-inches.
  • 66-inch tubs – Provides an extra 6 inches for longer torso frames to stretch out. Great for taller people.
  • 72-inch tubs – The longest standard size, best for two adults or a truly relaxing soak.

Corner tubs also come in compact versions from 48 to 60-inches since they fit into smaller areas. Always measure your exact bathroom space before choosing a new tub. This ensures an ideal fit.

Finding the Right Standard Bathtub Size

There are many factors to keep in mind when selecting your perfect bathtub length and width. Measure your bathroom carefully, understand standard sizes, and determine your needs before choosing a new tub. A 60-inch tub may be the norm, but sizing up or down can optimize your bathing experience.

Focus on safety, comfort, and functionality rather than just the look. An accurately sized tub helps make bathing more relaxing and accessible. With many length and width options available, you can find your perfect standard bathtub size, even for non-standard bathroom spaces.

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What is the standard bathtub size in inches?

The most common standard tub size is 60 inches long x 30 inches wide. The depth is usually 14–17 inches.

How long is a bathtub in feet?

Standard tubs range from 4 feet (48 inches) to 6 feet (72 inches) long. The width is usually 2.5–3 feet.

What’s the standard bathtub dimension?

The standard is 60 inches long by 30 inches wide, with a depth of around 14–19 inches.

What’s the smallest bathtub size?

The smallest tubs are 48 inches long for tight spaces. Corner tubs can also fit in small areas.

What bathtub size is best for couples?

For two people, choose at least a 60-inch tub or larger. Wider and deeper tubs provide more room.

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