Best Bathtub Toys For 5 Year Olds

As the parent of rambunctious twins, bathtime used to be a wet, wild mess in our house. Rubber ducks would end up in the toilet, submarines would get stuck in the drain – it was chaos! I must’ve spent hours searching for the perfect bathtub toys that would keep my little ones entertained without destroying the bathroom.

After testing out every bath toy on the market, I finally discovered the best bathtub toys for 5 year olds. With fun textures, bright colors, and unique features like squirting water and spinning propellers, these toys turned bathtime into a splashy adventure! My kids could’ve played for hours with their new “scuba squad” themed sets.

No more tears or temper tantrums – bathtime has become our favorite time of day. I can finally relax with a glass of wine while they’re engaged in underwater missions to rescue the rubber ducky. Take it from me, finding the right bath toys will make splish-splash time a joy for everyone!

Best Bathtub Toys For 5 Year Olds

Fill N’ Splash Submarine Bath Toy

Dive into bath time adventure with the Fill N’ Splash Submarine! As a parent of 5 year old twins, I’m always looking for engaging toys that make tub time more fun. This chunky submarine really hits the mark.

My kids love filling it up with water and watching it submerge and resurface in the tub. The working periscope and opening hatch with a magnetic captain figure inside really capture their imaginations and get them playing creatively.

I appreciate that it’s well made and can take a splash. The squeeze mechanism to squirt water out the top adds to the play value. Bobbing under the waves searching for treasures, this sub builds narrative and role playing skills.

And the size is perfect for little hands. After tons of bath toys, this is one of the few that never gets boring. If you want something that will hold a 5 year old’s attention span during bath time, stimulate active play, and make getting clean fun, the Fill N’ Splash Submarine is a winner. It’s become a tub time favorite at our house for good reason – it’s simply super fun!

AugToy Bath Toys Toys for Kids Ages 4-8

My 5 year old twins scream for ice cream, even at bath time thanks to the ingenious AugToy Ice Cream Foam Maker. This unique bath toy lets kids create their own “ice cream” out of tub foam.

The easy-grip cone fills up with suds as they pump the foam maker – no mess but tons of sensory fun! I love watching their imaginations go wild as they role play serving up crazy sundaes, banana splits, and more.

The colorful sprinkles and cherry pieces add to the realism. With no batteries or small pieces, it’s a safe and screen-free way to encourage pretend play. The suction cup keeps it attached to the wall so it won’t float away mid-game.

Made of durable plastic, it stands up well to energetic kids. If you’re looking for a bath toy that nurtures creativity, role playing, and engagement, the AugToy Ice Cream Foam Maker really hits the sweet spot. Who knew bath time could be so delicious? This toy has become a favorite tub time treat.

Toddler Bath Toys for Kids Ages 3-5 Year Old

Cast off bath time blues with this delightful fishing game toy set! As a parent of active twins, I’m always seeking engaging toys that hold attention spans during tub time. This fishing set reels in their focus while building skills.

The chunky magnetic fishing poles and colorful bobbing fish make “casting” and “catching” easy for little hands. I love watching their concentration as they work to collect the most fish. The suction cup “bucket” net stores everything neatly.

With no small pieces or batteries, it’s safe and simple. The toy fish are nicely sized for grasping and the graphical themes appeal to both girls and boys. If you’re looking for a classic bath time activity that entertains while developing hand-eye coordination and focus, this fishing set hits the mark.

It’s a splashy success at our house! Bath time boredom sinks while skills grow when kids can fish their hearts out in the tub. This set has become the catch of the day for my 5 year old twins.

Bath Toys for Kids Ages 3-4-8

Transform tub time into a splashy water park with this amazing 38 piece DIY water wall set! As a parent, I’m always looking for open-ended bath toys that engage imaginations and build skills. This set sticks to the tub wall with suction cups for creative wet play.

My twins love combining the tubes, funnels, water wheels, and more to build unique cascading contraptions. Pours, drips, spins – the play possibilities are endless! I appreciate that the suction cups are strong and it’s quick to install and remove.

With no batteries or electronics, it’s simple and safe. The variety of pieces promotes problem solving and STEM skills too. If you want an activity set that promotes independent play, creativity, and learning, this DIY water wall set is a top pick.

Bath time has become an anticipated adventure thanks to this toy. It’s the highlight of tub time and keeps the fun flowing at our house!

Bath Toys Bathtub Toy for Toddlers Age 2-5 Kids

My 5 year old twins have become imaginative plumbers thanks to these unique bath pipes! This set allows kids to build their own winding waterways using the flexible pipe pieces.

I love watching my twins create loops, curves, and tunnels of all shapes and then send balls and toys racing down their water slide creations. The suction cups let them build vertically too. Connecting the pipe pieces together is easy enough for little hands to master.

This open-ended toy has been great for STEM skill building as they design different pipe configurations and learn about flow and gravity. The pipes are good quality – no leaks! All the pieces are stored neatly in the included box.

If you’re looking for a bath toy that promotes creativity, problem-solving, and science learning through hands-on play, these bendy bath pipes are tons of splashy fun. Tub time is now an anticipated event since getting this toy. My twins have become bath time engineers!

Bath Toys Bathtub Toy for Age 2-5 Kids

My 5 year old twins have turned bathtime into a wet and wild playground thanks to this inventive 49 piece slide and ramp set! With a fun carnival theme, this toy creates unlimited options for water play and imagination.

My kids construct ramps, slides, and tracks then send the boats, animals, and wind up duck whirling through stunt courses of their own design. I appreciate the variety of pieces that keep playtime novel and engaging.

Everything is stored neatly in the included carrying case – no more hunting for loose toys! Durable and leakproof, this set withstands energetic play. If you’re seeking a versatile, imagination-building tub toy, this ramp and slide set delivers exciting play while enhancing creativity and coordination.

Bath time has gone from ho-hum to woo-hoo at our house thanks to this toy. My twins can’t wait to hit the homemade waterpark every night. Race into creative wet and wild fun with this toy!

OWNONE 1 Bath Toys for 5 Years Kids

I’m always on the hunt for toys that will keep them engaged and having a blast during bath time. This 45 piece set of floating, squirting, and stackable toys has been a total game-changer!

The moment my kids spotted these bright, colorful bath toys, they started jumping up and down begging me to open up the packaging right away. I couldn’t wait to see their excitement once the toys hit the tub! The first thing they went for were the fun animal squirters.

My daughter grabs the octopus and yells, “Mommy, watch!” as she squeezes it, shooting water across the tub. My son can’t stop giggling as he fires the water cannon elephant at his sister. For two usually rambunctious kids, these squirting toys somehow bring out their cooperative playful side.

Next, they started stacking up the cups and containers, seeing how high they could build their toy tower before it came crashing down. With all the different sizes and shapes, the stacking options seem endless! I also love that the plastic bath cups double as scoops and pouring vessels when it’s time to rinse off.

The cute smiling tropical fish are definitely my daughter’s favorite for tub rides and underwater adventures. She makes up stories about where the fish are swimming off to and what they’ll find. My son likes gathering up all the toy boats and cars and pushing them around, making motor sounds as they zoom through the bubbly water.

With 17 different types of toys, this big set has something for every kind of imagination. My kids always find new ways to play and explore with these toys, which makes bath time much more engaging. I don’t have to worry about them getting bored, fussy, or finding trouble because they’re fully occupied with all the fun.

Compared to other bath toy sets, I love that the OWNONE toys are bright and colorful but not too overstimulating. They capture my kids’ attention without being too noisy or flashy. The toys feel sturdy and durable (even when chewed by teething toddlers!), yet light enough to float and glide around the tub. We’ve been using this set twice a day for months now and none of the pieces have chipped, cracked, or molded.

As far as cons, the only thing I would change is to make the suction cups on the stacking cups a little stickier. They occasionally come unstuck from the tub wall when the cups get too tall, but my kids think it’s funny when they fall down. So if the loud crash and splash don’t bother you, then it’s really not an issue.

Out of all the bath toys we own, this OWNONE set is definitely the ultimate favorite. The variety, bright colors, fun functions, and durable quality make bath time an adventure. I know these toys will inspire my kids’ growing minds for years to come. If you’re looking to spark creativity, excitement, and giggles during bath time, then I highly recommend splurging on this bath toy set. Your kids will thank you!”

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age are bath toys appropriate?

Bath toys are appropriate starting around 6 months old when babies first sit up in the tub. Choose toys with no small parts to prevent choking hazards.

How long do kids play with bath toys?

Kids typically play with bath toys for 10-20 minutes during a bath. Engaging toys keep them occupied, allowing you to focus on washing.

Should kids have bath toys?

Yes, bath toys provide sensory stimulation, motor skills practice, and imagination. They make bath time more fun andinteractive for kids.

What can be used as bath toys?

Everyday household items like plastic cups, bowls, and spoons make simple, inexpensive bath toys. Also use bath crayons, foam letters, or soft animals for open-ended play.


By age 5, kids have the motor skills and curiosity to really enjoy more complex bath toys. Look for toys that allow them to explore and learn, not just squirt water. Stackable cups and containers let them build fine motor skills.

Toy boats, cars, and fish spark imaginative play and storytelling. The best sets have a variety of toys to engage different parts of their developing minds. Sturdy, high-quality toys will withstand daily use and last for years.

Bath time is a chance to fuel their imagination and develop new skills. With the right toys, like bright squirters, stackable cups, and sinking toys, baths become a beloved daily ritual, not a chore. The best bath toys for 5 year olds are ones that make bathing an adventure they look forward to.

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