Can You Put Vicks in the Bathtub? A Unique Approach to Relaxation and Relief

Taking a warm, relaxing bath is one of life’s simple pleasures. There’s nothing quite like soaking in the tub and letting your cares wash away. But what if you want to take your bath to the next level?

Enter Vicks VapoRub. You’ve likely used this menthol chest rub to ease congestion and coughing. So can you also add it to your bath water for an extra soothing experience?

Let’s find out what’s going on.

Can You Put Vicks in the Bathtub?

To use Vicks in your bath, start by filling your tub with warm water. Then, take a very small amount of Vicks (about ½ tablespoon is sufficient) and dissolve it into the bathwater, stirring until it is evenly distributed. Ensure you don’t use more to avoid skin irritation. Now, your Vicks-infused bath is ready for you to relax in.

Is It Safe to Use Vicks in the Bathtub?

Now that you know what Vicks is made of, is it a good idea to add it to your bath? Let’s look at some potential benefits and risks.

Benefits of Adding Vicks VapoRub in Your Bath

Eases Congestion: A Breath of Fresh Air Adding Vicks VapoRub to your bath can serve as a beacon of relief for those battling with congested airways. Suppose, a warm, soothing bath, infused with the powerful scent of menthol, filling the bathroom with a steamy atmosphere akin to a spa.

Now imagine yourself soaking in it, each breath becoming lighter and easier. That’s the reality of a Vicks VapoRub bath. By making use of its well-known decongestant properties, this treatment can transform your typical bath into a home remedy for congestion. But remember, always consult your doctor before trying new home remedies.

Promotes Relaxation:

The Ultimate Spa Experience at Home There’s something about a warm bath that melts the stress of the day away. Now, imagine enhancing that experience with the calming aroma of Vicks VapoRub.


As the Vicks dissolves into the hot water, the potent scent of eucalyptus and camphor begins to waft through the air, creating a calming environment that rivals any spa. So, fill up your tub, drop in some Vicks VapoRub, and let the day’s worries dissolve. This could be your new pre-bedtime routine for those nights when you need some extra help unwinding.

Soothes Muscle Aches:

A Bath for Your Body’s Needs Dealing with muscle aches? A bath infused with Vicks VapoRub might just be what your body craves. Vicks is packed with ingredients like eucalyptus oil and camphor, both of which are known for their pain-relieving properties.

These components get to work on sore muscles, providing a warming sensation that eases tension and discomfort. It’s like having a personal masseuse, but all in the comfort of your own bathtub.

Enhances Mood:

A Recipe for Positivity Incorporating Vicks VapoRub into your bath routine could also bring a boost of happiness. Certain scents, such as menthol, can stimulate the production of serotonin, the feel-good hormone that plays a crucial role in mood regulation.

This is more than a bath – it’s a sensory experience designed to lift your spirits. The aroma not only cleanses your body but also refreshes your mind, leaving you feeling uplifted and content.

How to Use Vicks in the Tub Safely?

If you want to give the Vicks bath a try, here are some tips to use it safely and avoid problems:

  • Fill the tub with very warm but not scalding hot water. Hotter water can increase menthol vapor.
  • Add only a small amount of Vicks to the running bath water – a dollop roughly the size of a quarter should do it.
  • Test the Vicks on a small area of skin, like your arm, before getting your whole body in the tub.
  • Keep eyes closed and try to avoid splashing your face directly to prevent stinging.
  • Limit bath time to 15-20 minutes until you know how your skin reacts.
  • Rinse skin with plain water after getting out to remove excess ointment.
  • Pat dry gently, and apply a fragrance-free moisturizer if skin feels dry or irritated.

Taking these simple precautions will allow you to enjoy the relaxing vapors while minimizing any risks.

Special Considerations for Children and Babies

It’s generally not recommended to use Vicks in the bath or showers for babies and young toddlers. Their skin is much more sensitive. You also want to limit their exposure to menthol vapors which can be potent for small lungs.


For children over age 2, it may be okay to add a very small amount of Vicks to a bath under adult supervision. But never leave them alone, as too much steam inhalation can be harmful for kids. Keep the bathroom door open for ventilation.

Also, be sure to limit bath time to 5-10 minutes, and thoroughly rinse their skin clean after. Avoid getting Vicks near their face and eyes. Mild soap or oatmeal baths are a safer option for congestion relief for little ones.


Can you put Vicks vapor rub in the bathtub?

You shouldn’t plop Vicks VapoRub directly into your bathtub. It’s designed for topical use, not as a bath additive.

Can you put Vicks vapor in water?

Yes, you can dissolve Vicks in hot water. This is a common method to create a vapor for inhaling, which can help clear up congestion.

Can I put Vicks VapoRub in the shower?

It’s not advisable to apply Vicks VapoRub in the shower. The product is not meant to mix with running water, and it could lead to a slippery situation.

Is it safe to inhale Vicks in hot water?

Inhaling Vicks in hot water is generally safe and can help soothe symptoms of a cold. Just remember not to overdo it, and always follow the product instructions to avoid irritation.

The Takeaway: Is Using Vicks in the Tub Recommended?

At the end of the day, can you put Vicks VapoRub in your bathtub? The answer is yes, with some caveats. Adding a small amount to your bath water can provide soothing vapors to relieve congestion and coughing. But it’s not suitable for everyone. Those with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema may experience irritation or inflammation.

It’s not recommended at all for babies and young toddlers. For older children, supervision is a must. Be very sparing with the amount used, and keep bath times short to minimize risks. Always patch your skin first and rinse clean after bathing.

When used carefully, a Vicks soak can be a good way to unwind and get comforting relief, especially when you have a cold. But this little bathroom trick isn’t necessarily for everyone. Approach with caution, listen to your body, and stop using it if you notice any adverse reactions.

With some prudent precautions, you can try harnessing the healing powers of those classic medicinal vapors to take your bathtime to the next level. Just be wary of any risks and give your skin a break if needed. A Vicks bath ultimately provides a small, soothing luxury that can complement rest and fluids when you’re under the weather.

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