Can You Use A Bath Bomb And Bubble Bath Together?

Yes, you can use a bath bomb and bubble bath together! In fact, this combo can create the ultimate indulgent bath experience. Combining a bath bomb with a bubble bath isn’t just okay, it’s fantastic. This dynamic duo works together to enhance your bathing routine, creating a truly immersive experience.

What Happens When You Mix Bath Bombs and Bubbles?

Bath bombs and bubble baths each use different active ingredients to achieve their signature effect in the tub. Bath bombs rely on baking soda and citric acid to create that fizzy, effervescent reaction when they hit the water. Bubbles, on the other hand, use surfactants, like SLS or SLES, to lower the surface tension of water to produce mounds of bubbly foam.


When you combine bath bombs and bubble bath, the baking soda interacts with the surfactants to create what I can only describe as a bubbly, fizzing spectacle. The surfactants essentially accelerate and amplify the fizzing reaction, causing it to foam and froth more than with a bath bomb alone. The result is a bath that almost overflows with mountains of foamy bubbles.

While fun, this reaction can also diminish the coloring and scent effects that bath bombs are prized for. The fizz tends to spread out and mix into the bubbles more rapidly. And if a bath bomb contains a lot of baking soda, it may fizz so quickly that you lose the relaxing experience of watching it slowly change the bath water’s color.

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The Benefits of Using Bath Bombs and Bubbles Together

Even with the accelerated fizzing reaction, I still enjoy using bath bombs and bubble baths together on occasion. Here are some of the benefits I’ve found:

  • More bubbles – for those times when you want the intense foaming action of a bubble bath, adding a bath bomb intensifies it. It’s like hitting the turbo button on the bubbles!
  • Fun color and scent combinations – while the bath bomb color may spread quicker, you still get the pleasure of its scent mixing with the bubble bath fragrance. I like creating my own spa-like scent blends.
  • Softening oils and butters – most bath bombs contain luxurious oils, like olive, coconut, and shea butter. These moisturize and soften skin beautifully while you soak.
  • A multisensory, relaxing escape – watching the colors swirl and inhaling the aromatherapy scent combination is the perfect way to destress. The sound of all those fizzes and pops is oddly satisfying too!

Potential Drawbacks to Be Aware Of

However, I’ve also noticed a few drawbacks to using bath bombs and bubble baths together that are good to be aware of:

  • Fizzing issues – some bath bombs seem to almost completely fizzle out immediately when combined with bubble baths, reducing the visual appeal.
  • Color vibrancy – on a similar note, the coloring effect may become more diluted or muted.
  • Risk of oversudsing – all those extra bubbles can be fun but go overboard and you may end up with a bubble mountain eruption when you move!
  • Residue – the more products used, the higher the risk of a sticky, slippery residue left behind in the tub.
  • Film – bath bombs with a lot of oils mixed with bubble bath surfactants could leave a filmy ring.

Tips for Combining Bath Bombs and Bubble Bath

Through plenty of soak time experiments, I’ve come up with some tips to get the best results when using bath bombs and bubble baths together:

  • Start by filling the tub and adding your desired amount of bubble bath first, before dropping in the bath bomb. This helps control the level of foaming.
  • Use a low amount of each product – this avoids oversudsing and residue. I usually halve my normal amounts.
  • Target bath bombs with minimal baking soda content – these will have a gentler fizzing reaction. Read the ingredient list.
  • Always rinse out your tub before and after to remove residue. A quick wipe-down helps too.
  • Experiment to find your own perfect bubble bomb balance. Pay attention to the amounts and which products work best together.

My Favorite Bubble Bomb Combos

Here are a couple of my favorite bath bomb and bubble bath pairings that I’ve enjoyed:

  • Lush Rose Bombshell – this beautifully colored pink bath bomb with rose absolute oil paired with Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner bubbles. The floral scents complement each other perfectly.
  • Village Naturals Bath Shoppe Mermaid Kisses bomb – the pretty blue coloring and oceanside scent worked beautifully with Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution in Lavender. Total relaxation!

Key Points to Remember When Using Bath Bomb And Bubble Bath Together

But before you throw caution to the wind and toss everything into your bathtub, there are a few key points to keep in mind.

  • Bath Bomb First: Start with your bath bomb. This allows the bath bomb to fully dissolve and release all its nourishing oils and salts.
  • Follow with Bubble Bath: After the bath bomb has fizzled out, pour in your bubble bath. Remember, a little goes a long way.
  • Matching Scents: Try to choose a bath bomb and bubble bath with complementary scents. The last thing you want is a sensory overload from clashing fragrances.

Well, the goal is to create an immersive experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and pampered. Think of it like a symphony; each part contributes to the overall harmony.

Check Ingredients: Always check the ingredients of your bath products. Some bath bombs and bubble baths can contain ingredients that might irritate your skin. So, it’s always better to know what you’re soaking in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put bubble bath or bath bomb first?

Personally, I like to put the bubble bath in first before adding a bath bomb. The bubble bath creates those lovely suds and bubbles, while the bath bomb fizzes away to add color, scent, and other skin-softening ingredients to the water. Putting the bubble bath in first coats the tub before the bath bomb fizzes and helps distribute the bath bomb’s oils and butters around more evenly.

How do you use a bubble bath and bath bomb?

To use a bubble bath and bath bomb together, first, fill the tub with warm water, then pour in a capful or two of bubble bath under the running water. Swish the water around to create bubbles. Once the tub is filled, place your bath bomb in the water and let it fizz while the tub continues filling. The bath bomb will put on a fizzy show while adding its own scents, colors, and moisturizers to all those bubbly suds.

Is a bubble bath the same as a bath bomb?

Bubble baths and bath bombs are similar but a little different. A bubble bath is a liquid or gel that creates mounds of bubbles and suds when agitated in water. Bath bombs are solid balls made with baking soda that fizz and dissolve when placed in warm water, releasing moisturizers, essential oils, colors, and scents. So bubble bath gives you bubbles, while a bath bomb offers a fizzy soak with skin-softening and aromatic benefits.

Do you use the entire bath bomb in one bath?

For a single bath, it’s best to use an entire bath bomb so you get the full effect. Crumbling a bath bomb in half or pieces will reduce the fizziness, color, and scent. Bath bombs are meant to be used individually per bath. If a bath bomb is particularly large, sometimes breaking it in half can work, but otherwise use the entire bath bomb so you get the full experience!

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