Does Not Having A Bathtub Hurt Resale Value?

The bathroom is more than simply a place to get ready for the day. A home may be a refuge, a place to unwind at the end of a long day, and for many would-be homeowners, a tub is a must. So, a lack of a bathtub could reduce the value of your home.

Does not having a bathtub hurt resale value?

A home or apartment with no bathtub definitely has a lower resale value. The aesthetic value of a bathtub is just as important as its functional value when it comes to taking a shower or bath. Many homebuyers consider a bathroom with a bathtub to be a must-have feature.

It’s a sign of luxury and comfort as well as a fun place for youngsters to splash around and play. Potential buyers may be put off by the lack of a bathtub, making it more challenging to sell the home at the price you’d like.

The facts and figures back up the claim that having a bathtub in the house increases the value of the property.

Even though bathroom design is always changing, a bathtub will never lose its timeless allure. Homes without bathtubs may have a decreased resale value for a number of reasons:

1. Perceived Value

When potential buyers view a property, they often consider their lifestyle and the needs of their families. A bathroom that lacks a bathtub might be viewed as incomplete, lowering the perceived value of the home.

2. Family-Friendly Living

For families with small children or pets, a bathtub is a necessity. Not having one might deter such potential buyers, limiting the pool of interested parties and potentially reducing the home’s resale value.

3. Relaxation and Luxury Appeal

A bathtub often adds a sense of luxury to a bathroom. Potential buyers may be drawn to the idea of having a relaxing soak, and not having a bathtub might take away from the overall appeal of the home.

4. Flexibility in Use

A bathroom with both a shower and a bathtub offers more flexibility in use. Not having a bathtub might make the bathroom less versatile, potentially impacting its appeal to potential buyers.

Understanding The Real Estate Market


Although the lack of a bathtub may lower the property’s selling value, the overall status of the housing market should be taken into account. Location, market, and buyer preferences all play key roles in shaping real estate trends.

For fact, a fashionable and effective shower may be prefered over a bathtub in densely populated places. In a similar vein, a walk-in shower may be more enticing to ’empty-nesters’ who are downsizing their living arrangements for reasons of safety and accessibility.

Market SegmentBathroom Preference
Urban DwellersEfficient Shower
Empty-nestersWalk-in Shower

Does A Jacuzzi Bathtub Add Value To Home?

Yes, installing a jacuzzi bathtub can add value to your home. According to Ben Goheen, a real estate appraiser at Metrowide Appraisals, homeowners often see an increase in home value of about 50% to 60% of the renovation cost.

So, if you’re sprucing up your bathroom with a fancy jacuzzi tub, you can expect a decent return on your investment, making it a worthwhile upgrade for many homeowners.

Superior Quality

Let’s start with the posh stuff. Not all bathrooms have jetted tubs. They’re not like everyone else’s. A jacuzzi in the bathroom conveys a sense of luxury and serenity to any prospective buyers. It gives your bathroom a luxurious feel, which may be a big selling point.

Consumer Interest

Homebuyers today want properties that provide more than simply the bare minimum. They’re searching for ways to boost their standard of living in terms of ease of use, convenience, and comfort. A jacuzzi tub works perfectly for this description. Many people appreciate the chance for at-home pampering and rest that this affords them.

Return on Investment

A jacuzzi tub can be a great investment for your house, but you should think carefully about the installation costs before making the purchase. The price tag might differ widely based on factors including the tub’s design, size, and quality, in addition to the price tag of any required renovations. That could be a good investment, but you need to be sure the return on your investment justifies the upfront costs.

TIP: A cost-benefit analysis should be performed prior to any substantial house improvements.

Market Tendencies

Keep in mind that the real estate industry, like any other market, experiences ebbs and flows. Whether or not a jacuzzi tub is a selling point for a home depends on the local real estate market. Before making any major moves in real estate, it’s wise to consult with a specialist who is familiar with the local market.

Location, Location, Location?

Last but not least, your home’s location is a major factor in evaluating whether or not a jacuzzi tub will increase its worth. A jacuzzi tub could be more of a selling point in colder areas, where taking a hot bath is more enticing, than in warmer climes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will remodeling my bathroom to add a bathtub increase my home’s value?

Remodeling to add a bathtub can increase the appeal to certain buyers. However, it’s best to consider the cost of the remodel against the potential increase in value.

I live in a condo in the city. Does not having a bathtub impact my resale value?

In urban areas, where space is a premium, many buyers may prefer efficient showers over bathtubs. Thus, not having a bathtub might not significantly impact your resale value.

Can a high-end shower make up for not having a bathtub?

A high-end shower might attract certain buyers. However, families with young children or those seeking a luxury bathroom experience might still prefer a bathtub.

What are some alternatives if I don’t have space for a full bathtub?

Consider installing a shower-bathtub combo or a smaller, deeper soaking tub if space is an issue. These can provide the functionality of a bathtub without requiring as much space.

Should I replace my only bathtub with a walk-in shower for resale?

If your home has only one bathroom, real estate experts often suggest keeping the bathtub to cater to a broader range of potential buyers.

Key Takeaways

In sum, while the lack of a bathtub might not be a deal breaker for some buyers, it might turn off others and drive down the asking price of the home. To attract your ideal buyers, tailor your home’s features to their needs.

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